Skateboarding as a sport: history, development, types

Skateboarding is one of the most spectacular sports, the essence of which comes down to skateboarding. California is the birthplace of skateboarding. It first appeared there in the 1940s and 1950s. It was invented by surfers who had nothing to do when there were no waves in the ocean. True, then the skateboard looked a little different. It was a simple board on wheels, as an option, a wooden box, to which the wheels were also attached in such a way that you could safely ride.

Types of skateboarding

Skateboarding is divided into several types:

  • “Street” – this is the name of the type of riding on the board through the streets of the city;
  • “pool skating”- skiing in the pool;
  • “vert” – riding on a ramp, as well as a mini-ramp.

Street skateboarding is the most popular all over the world. It is based on the fact that athletes overcome all kinds of street obstacles. Such obstacles include benches and curbs, trash cans and flower beds, railings and steps.

Why do people prefer skating?

Skateboarding is more effective than cardio. For half an hour of riding in a calm rhythm, without climbs and jumps, you can lose about three hundred calories.

If you jog for the same amount of time, your calories burned will be 30 percent lower. At the same time, experienced skateboarders know that thirty minutes is not enough to ride a skateboard. If you go out for a ride, then you do it until you start to fall from fatigue.

Skateboarding helps develop coordination, which is especially true for city dwellers who spend so little time on the move. In addition, this sport helps prevent the development of flat feet. Foot muscles can become weaker with age. Skateboarding strengthens them from all sides.

Interestingly, skateboarding allows a person to control the situation, and this is especially important for modern people. If skateboarding for you is also a subject of achievement, then self-esteem also rises.

Basics of sports skateboarding

The essence of skill comes down to the fact that the skateboarder takes a certain stance and performs tricks. Racks are divided into those that are needed for riding and performing tricks and only for tricks. The simplest stance implies that the right foot will be on the board, in front of the left, and the left – behind, it becomes a push.

The change of legs does not give any fundamental difference. If the jog is left, then the stance is called goofy, and if it is right, then regular. They have two derivatives. Mongo, – the front leg is pushing, and the back is snap, switch – the front and push are constantly changing places.

There are also racks that are needed only to perform tricks, you won’t be able to ride for that long. This is nollie stance, when the front foot is placed on the nose and a click is made, and its derivative, called fakie, when the movement is made backwards, with the front foot on the nose of the skate.

The tricks themselves are divided into those that are performed on the streets, during normal riding, and those associated with overcoming obstacles or acceleration and jumping on a ramp. Ollie is considered basic.

To complete it, you need to tear the board entirely off the ground on level ground, and continue to move after it has been completed. This is given only by virtue of constant practice.

The rest of the tricks develop this basic jump. When performing flips, the board must rotate in the air. It is possible to perform sliding movements, maintain balance for a long time in dynamics or statics, movements that are performed on one leg, and the like.

What is skateboarding

Skateboarding is an extreme sport associated with skating, overcoming obstacles and acrobatic tricks on a board with rollers.

Skateboarding attracts not only young people, but also middle-aged people. This can be explained by its entertainment and accessibility.

As a sport, skateboarding has been popular for a long time, but it was recognized by the international sports committee not so long ago. Now for athletes – skateboarders certain rules are established and the bit depth is determined.

The existing skateboarding policy allows everyone from the category of beginners to go to the pros at minimal cost. But at the first stage, get ready for certain financial investments, this is, first of all, the acquisition of all the necessary equipment and equipment for skateboarding.

Next, the beginners will face intense and tiring workouts. In order to ride a skateboard beautifully and easily, to do various tricks, you will need a certain technique and physical preparation.